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Signal Cables

XLR 1m €0,25
XLR 3m €0,25
XLR 5m €0,50
XLR 10m €0,75
XLR 20m €1,00
XLR 30m €1,25
DMX 5p 5m €0,50
8 channel 5m XLR-XLR €2,00
4 channel 40m XLR-XLR €7,50
8 channel snake 15m XLR-XLR €3,00
8 channel snake 10m XLR-XLR €3,00
20 channel snake 30m XLR-XLR (16/4) €9,00
Stageblock 32/4 (2x harting 108p out) €10,00
Multicore (harting) 108 pins break-out 2.5m (32x XLR m / 4x XLR fm) €10,00
Multicore (harting) 108 pins 5m €5,00
Multicore (harting) 108 pins 30m €14,00
Multicore (harting) 108 pins 50m €18,00
Jack / Jack 1.5m €0,25
Jack / Jack 3m €0,25
Jack / Jack 10m €0,75
Jack / Jack 5m €0,50
Jack / Jack 15m €1,00
Stereo jack / XLR male 1.5m €0,25
Stereo jack / XLR male 10m €0,75
Stereo jack / XLR female 1,5m €0,50
Mono jack / XLR female 5m €0,50
Mono jack / XLR female 10m €0,75
Stereo jack / 2x mono jack 3m (INSERT) €0,25
Stereo jack / XLR in-out 3m (INSERT) €0,25
Stereo jack / 2x mono jack 5m (INSERT) €0,25
XLR female - 2x XLR male (Y-SPLIT) €1,00
Minijack - 2x Cinch male 3m €1,00
Minijack - 2x Jack male 3m €1,00
Minijack - 2x XLR male 3m €1,00
Cinch - Cinch €0,50
Speakon 2p 15M 1.5mm2 €1,00
Cat5 50m on reel €10,00
Cat6 5m SF-UTP Eurocable €2,50
Cat6 30m SF-UTP Eurocable €8,00
Cat6 70m SF-UTP Eurocable €20,00
Neutrik ethercon female - female adaptor €0,50
DMX 5p Fm - 2x 3p M / 2x 3p Fm 50m on reel €5,00
DMX 5p 4 channel 75m on reel €5,00
Adaptors €0,50
Adaptor Cable Kit     4x XLR M - XLR M
4x XLR Fm - XLR Fm
4x Stereo Jack - XLR M
4x Stereo Jack - XLR Fm
2x XLR Phase Switch
2x XLR M 3p - XLR Fm 5p
2x XLR M 5p - XLR Fm 3p
2x Y-Split (XLR Fm - 2x XLR M)
2x Z-Split (2x XLR M - 2x XLR Fm)

Video Cables

HDMI 3m €1,25
HDMI 5m €1,50
SDI 5m €1,00
SDI 20m €3,75
SDI 100m on reel €12,50
Mini displayport - HDMI Fm €1,50

Power Cables

Domino black (4x schuko socket) €0,25
Cable waterproof 3m €0,25
Cable waterproof 5m €0,50
Cable waterproof 10m €0,75
Cable waterproof 20m €1,00
Cable waterproof 50m €1,25
Schuko kit small     10x Domino black (4x Schucko socket)
5x Cable waterproof 3m
5x Cable waterproof 5m
5x Cable waterproof 10m
3x Cable waterproof 20m
Schuko kit big     20x Domino black (4x Schucko socket)
10x Cable waterproof 3m
10x Cable waterproof 5m
10x Cable waterproof 10m
5x Cable waterproof 20m
Powercon 5m €0,25
Powercon link 3m €0,25
Schuko Fm - CEE 16A Mono M €0,25
Schuko male - Euronet female €0,25
Schuko male - Powercon female €0,25
Harting 16P 20m €5,00
Break-out box Harting 16P to 8x Schuko €3,00

Power Supply 400V 5P

Splitbox 16A in - 3x schuko out €5,00
PSU 32A in -> 32A out / 6x schuko out €10,00
Weatherproof PSU 32A in -> 16A out / 32A out / 6x schuko out €10,00
Weatherproof PSU 63A in -> 16A out / 32A out / 63A out / 6x schuko out €17,00
CEE power cable 16A (5GT2,5) 5m €1,00
CEE power cable 16A (5GT2,5) 10m €1,50
CEE power cable 16A (5GT2,5) 20m €3,00
CEE power cable 16A (5GT2,5) 50m €5,00
CEE power cable 32A (5GT6) 5m €1,50
CEE power cable 32A (5GT6) 10m €3,00
CEE power cable 32A (5GT6) 20m €6,50
CEE power cable 32A (5GT6) 50m €12,00
CEE power cable 63A (5GT10) 5m €4,00
CEE power cable 63A (5GT10) 10m €6,50
CEE power cable 63A (5GT10) 20m €12,00
CEE power cable 125A (5GT25) 20m €20,00
Harting 16P 10m €2,00
Harting 16P 20m €5,00
Break-out Harting 16P male to 4x CEE 16A 5P 400V €4,00
Hoisting cable kit     1x Prolyft 1-way hoist controller
1x Harting 16P 10m
1x Harting 16P 20m
2x Break-out Harting 16P male to 4x CEE 16A 5P 400V
1x CEE 16A 5P 400V 1m
1x CEE 16A 5P 400V 5m
2x CEE 16A 5P 400V 10m
2x CEE 16A 5P 400V 20m
1x CEE 32A 5P 400V 5m

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