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Hoists and Controllers

TM manual hoist 500kg 12m + chain bag €13,00
Verlinde SM1 electrical hoist 125kg (8m/min | 20m chain | CEE 16A 5P 400V) €20,00
Verlinde SM2 electrical hoist 250kg (4m/min | 20m chain | CEE 16A 5P 400V) €30,00
Prolyft 1-way hoist controller €5,00
4 channel hoist controller (CEE 32A 5P in | CEE 16A 4P 400V + Harting 16P out) €20,00
8 channel hoist controller (CEE 32A 5P in | 4x CEE 16A 4P 400V + 2x Harting 16P out) €22,50

Steels and Clamps

Steel 1T 1m €1,00
Softsteel 2T 0,5m €1,00
Softsteel 2T 1,5m €1,50
Shackle 3,5T €0,50
Burlap €0,25
Rigging kit     8x Steel 1T 1m
8x Softsteel 2T 0,5m
8x Softsteel 2T 1,5m
25x Shackle 3,5T
4x Ratchet strap black
6x Burlap
Tent clamp 150kg black + eye bolt M14 €5,00
Beamclamp 2T (75-420mm) €35,00
dB DVX D12 HP Rigset €4,00
Clamp 100kg €0,50
Clamp 500kg €0,75
Layher fixed coupler 90° €0,50
Layher swiveling coupler €0,50

Wind-Up Stands and Levellers

Work LW255R extends from 1.73m to 5.30m (max. load 220kg) €20,00
Work AW155 truss adapter for LW255R lift €1,00
Manfrotto 087NW extends from 1.67m to 3.70m (max. load 30kg) €10,00
Showtec truss adapter with TV-spigot for 087NW lift €5,00
Moving Head Leveller 1,10m-1,70m €5,00


Aluminium tube 1.5m €1,00

Global Truss F32 (ladder 29)

L2500 (2,50m ladder) black €7,50

Alur Sollutions 4K-30 Truss (square 29x29) max. 12m

L500 (0,50m) €2,00
L1000 (1m) €4,00
L2000 (2m) €6,00
L3000 (3m) €8,00
Boxcorner €14,00
Truss circle tube 1m dia. (in one piece) €10,00
Baseplate 30cmx30cm €2,00
Baseplate 100cmx100cm black €12,50
Duratruss spacer 105mm €1,50
Coupler/Pin/Clip Case 12/144/150 €5,00

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