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Stage Decks

Prolyte Stage Deck 2m x 0,5m black coated €10,00
Prolyte Stage Deck 2m x 1m black coated €10,00
Deck to deck clamp €0,75
Leg for Stage Deck 0,2m €0,25
Leg for Stage Deck 0,4m €0,25
Leg for Stage Deck 1m €0,50
Rolling leg for Stage Deck 1m €2,50
Stair for riser 1m width, 1m height max. €20,00


Folding tent 3m x 3m black     1x Alu tent + roofcover in bag
4x Side cover in black bag
8x Tent peg in beige bag
4x White rope
1x DL StageWorks banner 12m

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